“It was so unbelievable to me and my wife after we purchased all the electronics for our home for a very little amount. The products were genuine from TV, Recliners to Home theater systems and Carpets. We were truly lucky to have found the auctions from XO auctions because it would have cost us hundreds of dollars’’


“I wanted to start my new restaurant but because I didn’t have enough money, I had to call XO auctions to get some restaurants furniture and other materials. It was truly amazing getting such legit quality materials within a very short time. Such a short and such a quick service, It was truly amazing”


“Our family was facing a financial emergency and we had an idle car we wanted to turn into cash. XO auctions turned our car into money and we got the cash we wanted. Now we have all the reasons to give it a five-star rating on the service provided because it was timely and helpful as well as rewarding to us”


“In Canada, we all know how expensive furnishing a house is. We wanted our two bedrooms to be fully furnished but didn’t have the money for those expenses so we contacted the XO auctions. With some few bucks, our two-bedroom house was classy with all the materials we needed installed. Affordable, top quality and reliable. We will surely come back again”


“As a new employee, I didn’t have money to buy a home entertainment system, sofa seats, and some compulsory furniture. I approached these guys for the items I needed for my home and it was truly amazing. Smart TV 55” 5-seater, woolen carpet, TV set as well as other components, I was given at a very unbelievable low price”


“I never trusted second-hand items until I purchased a car from XO auctions. Very well maintained, top quality and with the well-cleaned interior. We loved the performance and general practicality of the car at such a low price. These guys are truly amazing and we will truly do business with them again”


“Buying new quality suits from these guys was amazing. I never expected such quality since the clothes had been used before but truly speaking, no one could tell the difference. They were the fitting and excellent quality which made me shine at my workplace. I truly loved the deal and I would come again and again if I needed more”

Jack Klich

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